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The cold winds of fall brush the sky, giving notice to all that summer's gone and the beauty of winter has rushed in. Never lost, always waiting for another spring to lie at our feet, wishes in constant motion, the face of nature reveals never-ending love, as life repeats itself.

              The UnGnome Author
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        The UnGnome Author
Is the UnGnome Author the next Dean Koontz?

An UnGnome Martian - Discussing extra terresterial creatures from the planet Mars and their very complex language.

                   Jonathan's Journey
A young woman brushed the hair from her face as she whispered, "Justin, someone is stealing company secrets. If those scumbags get their hands on your plans, they could make millions. You must be more careful."
        Justin McDowell nodded, then gave Hilary Campo a reassuring look as the building started to sway.
        "Oh God, an earthquake!" he gasped, scrambling to duck, cover and hold under the nearest desk. Overhead, a shelf full of books, rocked back and forth. Trying to avoid falling objects, he slid under his desk, hitting the chair-back with his head.

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